Gary Felumlee and his students have started an archaeological excavation at several sites on the estate. 

Above:  Archaeologist Gary Felumlee with students doing the initial survey of the trash dump site on the south-eastern corner of the property. --- Photo by Paul E. Cater

Gary and students working on the north side of the property near the barn.  They have discovered a foundation to a building which may pre-date Prospect Place.  This building was large in size with outside walls between 18 and 20 inches thick.  The foundation found thus far is sun dried brick.  Other artifacts have also been found at this site including a telegraph pole insulator and melted iron and glass.   -----Photo by Paul E. Cater.

The structure on the north side of the property did not, in fact, turn out to be a single building.  Instead the find is a series of brick kilns (side by side) used to fire the bricks which were used to build the estate.  Such a kiln is shown in the picture below:

The team is temporarily suspending the kiln dig.  A ground penetrating radar unit will be used to further detail the kilns and related structures in the area on the north side of the house.

The team is currently working the rubbish tip on the east side: