Testimonials and Investigative Results of the Haunting and/or paranormal activity at Prospect Place:



T.A.P.S.:  During the filming of the "Ghost Hunters" episode for T.A.P.S. and the Sci Fi Channel episode at Prospect place they encountered mysterious noises in the ballroom and recorded a mysterious and unexplained thermal image in the barn.


Ghost Adventures and the Travel Channel:  During filming they experienced various phenomena in the mansion including E.V.P. evidence and personal experiences.  They also experienced physical manifestations in the barn where Zack had stones thrown at him and heard various noises asscociated with paranormal activity.



The last time we were there, we caught the greatest evidence ever caught there, hands down...I guarantee!!  Full interactive on Walkie Talkie - a conversation with a spirit, verified on 2 separate floors, by 2 teams, at the same time!   And, if that's not enough, what he has to say will make your hair stand on end...not a nice fellow!    --------- Jenna


We were ready to wrap things up around 2-2:30 am but Tom and I were up in the ballroom and the girls were in the basement, and then activity started for both of our groups!
We all didn't call it quits until well after 5 am.
I personally started going over my evps when I got home and on 1 file of my voice recorder I have something very interesting to send you on disc for your files!
I had 4 more files but my voice recorder decided to not work anymore!!
Denise says she has some evps(3) so far but as she is a new member to the group so we have to go over her evidence!!!




Thanks again for your hospitality & allowing us a chance to investigate Prospect Place 9/24-9/27. Here's a copy of my photo of the shadow figure in the window next to bathroom. I just noticed that Phillipe is standing off the extreme right side of photo (taping), so all three of us in room are accounted for & no natural explanation for shadow figure in window. I tried recreating the shot several times & was only able to reproduce a reflection in the window if standing directly in front of the bathroom door.
If you'd like to print a copy & add it to your evidence photos, feel free.
I'm looking forward to a return trip next year.
Take care!



We conducted an investigation of Prospect Place this past April. I was emailing you to let you know that we have posted a video of our investigation of Prospect Place on our website www.apraparanormal.com as well as to share with you the two audio clips that we collected during our time there.  
Both clips were collected in the Ballroom, I would like to note that both clips have been tested with a Spectrum Analyzer to no avail.
They seem to show up in the - Hz range
Clip 1 - Unknown Voice seems to be a younger female, sounds to me like she is humming. 
Clip 2 - Male Voice in response to myself asking if it was annoying having people come in and assume things, to us it sounds like it is saying Yes, Sir.  
Please draw your own conclusions as to what you think the clips are saying. 






We investigated Prospect Place on March 22, 2009, and we had a fabulous time, and got a ton of great evidence, where we least expected it.





Glad you liked the pictures, I thought they were great.  The one in the barn, that night we came back into the house and downloaded our pictures on my laptop and nearly fell-over when we seen the pic.  I didn't know if anyone sent it to you. The other one Colleen took and set it on my desk at work to show me the streak, she had not even seen the face until I showed it to her.  We have been to Mansfield and WV reformatories, we are going to Waverly Sanitarium in April and we are going to Myrtles Plantation in July. But we have had the best results at Prospect so far and looking forward to our trip back. 





Our group has been all over the country.  We've been to Waverly, The Myrtles, The Queen Mary, The Lizzie Borden house, you name it.  But Prospect Place blows them all away hands down for the most paranormal activity I have ever seen in one location.  We got all kinds of EVPs and lots of video evidence as well.  Our guide, Veronica, was a true believer and pointed out all the hot spots!  Thanks Veronica.  George is not so much a believer but he was courteous and helpful.  Don't be put off by George as he is a scientist I think if you could show him repeatable evidence he'd change his mind!  Some of our group had a pretty interesting experience in the barn.  They said they actually felt a cold breeze on them when they were doing EVPs with the Bounty Hunter.  We were there in the summer and the temperature was in the upper 80s.  We also felt that by hunting Prospect Place we were doing a good deed as the money they collect does not go into anyone's pocket but is put back into restoring the house and paying the bills.  The house is amazing and needs to be saved.  We encourage anyone interested in paranormal activity to hunt Prospect Place.  Simply the best location!








Many other groups who have investigated Prospect Place have reported similar phenomena and personal experiences.  We believe this proves there is a degree of paranormal activity at the estate.  The best way to confirm this is to schedule a ghost investigation of your own.